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Financial Coaching/Seminars

Money for Tomorrow: Financial Coaching


Tell You Money Where to Go! (group seminar)


Join Elroy & Robin Seegars (Financial Coaches) on a journey to becoming financially empowered.  The Coaches will start you on the path to a healthy outlook on finances. They will help you view your finances in a different light, a brighter and more positive light.

Elroy & Robin, have a passion for assisting people with achieving their financial goals.  They have spent numerous hours receiving and giving financial training.

Elroy & Robin have been students of the Financial Peace University program (Dave Ramsey) and the “I Was Broke. But Now I’m Not.” program (Joseph Sangl).  Elroy was a financial mentor with the SetUp Ministry, a non-profit organization in Raleigh, NC.  This program is an 11-month program which Elroy committed his time and knowledge to assist low-income individuals seeking to do and be better.  Both Elroy & Robin are a part of the leadership team that teaches Joseph Sangl’s 6-week program, “I Was Broke. But Now I’m Not.”, at a religious ministry in Raleigh, NC.

The Money for Tomorrow is one-on-one time with Elroy and Robin establishing a financial strategy.  Elroy and Robin will provide tools to assist you in making wise financial decisions.

The "Tell Your Money Where to Go!" is a group financial seminar.  Elroy and Robin will provide financial information to assist each student with the tools needed to achieve their financial goals.  The session can be a 1 day session, 1 week session (meet every day for a week), or a 6 week session (meeting once a week for 6 weeks).

If you are seeking to know better and do better with your finances, Elroy & Robin (Financial Coaches) are here to assist!


***Disclaimer! ***

Elroy & Robin Seegars are financial coaches.  We are here to help build a positive relationship with money and to help create healthy spending and saving habits.  To get assistance with financial investing, you will need to seek the assistance of a financial advisor.

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