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Available for Android. iOS coming soon!

Budget app that monitors your finances and predicts your future checking balance


Bags of Money    (B.O.M.) App is designed to help monitor your finances and engage you in realizing your day-to-day spending habits.


It can predict how much money you will have in your checking account on any given day, month, or year based on the repeated frequency of your Income and Expenses submitted.


The B.O.M. App is a financial mobile application that allows for knowing when regular monthly payments like water, rent/mortgage, and credit cards are due. The Bags of Money App puts all your incoming and outgoing repeated figures in one place digitally, saving you time and energy! It transforms repeated Expenses (bills) into a less time-consuming and outdated manual process into an innovative one.


Bags of Money Features:


Homepage: This view gives a monthly financial summary without even going into the app! The summary provides you with your Current Monthly Income, Expenses, Savings, and Checking balance.


Calendar: There are two calendar views, Daily and Monthly. 


Daily View - Provides you with an updated Checking Balance based on Income and Expenses on any given day! The B.O.M. App can predict your balance based on your spending habits. It lists Income and Expenses due on any date selected and provides a total Expense on the date chosen. You can scroll to future dates and can also scroll back to past financial data too! The Daily view is where you can see the Pay Date countdown which will show your next pay date.


For example: if you get paid on the 1st of the month $3000.  You can select any future date to see the predicted balance for that date. When you update and submit transaction(s), the predicted Checking Balance will also update.


Monthly View - Provides an overview of all Income and Expenses and is easy on the eyes because it looks just like a calendar. 


Income: Track how much and how frequently you are paid from your job(s). You can also modify, add, or delete all Income information at your own will.


Income List – The list is refreshed daily with the upcoming Income Pay Date. The next Income is listed with the following information displayed.


Employer Name




Pay Date


Frequency of your pay dates (weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly)


Income Register – Displays the next four pay dates for each employer.


Expenses:  Track your Expenses an any given day.  You can also modify, add, or delete all Income information at your own will.


Expense List – The list is refreshed daily with the upcoming Expenses (bills) due.


Each Expense is listed with the following information displayed:


Bill Name




Due Date


Frequency (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, yearly)


Expense Register – Displays the next two Expense transactions that are upcoming.


Savings: View how much you have in Savings, Emergency Savings, and your 3-6 Months Savings account. 


Savings List – Each Savings account is listed with the following information displayed:


Bank Name


Savings Type (savings, 3-6 months, emergency)




Savings Balance

Other Features:


Data Graph: View your financial data via a pie chart. The chart shows the 


categories you are spending money in and displays a graph by date and year.


Pay Date Tracker: You can track when Income is due based on the Pay Date countdown clock found on the Daily Calendar.


Edit/Update Data: The app allows you to correct data previously entered, as well as, input new data that you may have overlooked.


The app allows you to update an individual transaction (Income or Expense) or a series of repeated transactions. This action will also update the predicted Checking Balance on any given day!

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